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Replacing teeth and restoring smiles with dentures in Scottsdale, AZ

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Can you have a fabulous smile without natural teeth? With dentures from AZ Dental Wellness in Scottsdale, the answer to that question is, “Yes!” If you are imagining the clunky, unsightly fake teeth of yesteryear, it’s time to re-think dentures. We use precision impression techniques and high-quality materials to create appliances that fit comfortably and look just like natural teeth.

Types of dentures

  • Full denture – A full denture plate is a single appliance that replaces all the teeth in an arch. The base of the denture covers your gums, with a snug fit that forms a natural suction, holding it securely in place. Traditional dentures are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Partial denture – This is used to replace multiple teeth, but not a full arch. A partial denture is usually held in place with a clasp, or they may be designed to “snap” in place around remaining teeth. Like full dentures, traditional partials are removable.
  • Implant-supported dentures – For patients who want the most stable, long-lasting, convenient tooth replacement option, dental implants are the treatment of choice. Just a few implants may be used to stabilize an entire denture plate.

Full and partial dentures at AZ Dental Wellness explained by Dr. Rogel Carlos

Full and partial dentures at AZ Dental Wellness explained by Dr. Rogel Carlos
If you are someone looking to get dentures done, learn more about them in this video. Dr. Rogel Carlos explains all about partial and full dentures.

What are the types of dentures available?

Dentures can be broken down into two categories. Full dentures are for a patient who has no teeth remaining.

Partial dentures are for patients who still have some teeth which can be saved. The denture will be attached to the remaining teeth.

How Long do dentures last, and what are the benefits?

Dentures last more than 20 years in some situations. The patients are happy, can eat properly, and can smile. As far as replacing missing teeth, it is the most cost-effective way to replace teeth.

What to expect

We begin with an examination and consultation, explaining the various options available. Your dentist will evaluate your oral health, bone structure, and gums before recommending a treatment plan.

Treatment planning includes taking impressions, x-rays, and other diagnostics. Dentures are designed to fit snugly, while allowing muscles full freedom of movement for optimal comfort and functionality. Your dentist will discuss the cosmetic design and learn about your preferences, to ensure that you love your new smile.

If extractions are needed, you will be provided with a temporary appliance, because the contours of your gums will evolve as they heal. After any preliminary procedures have been completed and your gums have healed, the final denture is created and placed. If adjustments are needed, they can be made right here in our office.

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Dr. Rogel A. Carlos
Dr. Marissa P. Mandap

Dr. Rogel A. Carlos has been a dentist since 1992. Having earned his undergraduate degree from UCLA, and his dental degree from the University of the Pacific Dental School in San Francisco, Dr. Carlos has been creating beautiful smiles in Phoenix since 2001. Dr. Marissa P. Mandap is the first Filipina dental graduate in Arizona.

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