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A Look at the Movement Away from Metal Restorations towards Non-Metal Fillings

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Dentists worldwide have continued to move away from amalgam fillings and move toward metal-free restorations. For fillings, composite resin has become the most popular option. At AZ Dental Wellness, Dr. Rogel Carlos and his friendly team are proud to be metal-free and provide top-quality dental services to patients in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Let us take a brief look into why dentists worldwide have moved away from metallic restorations.

The Danger of Mercury in Dental Restorations

Because amalgam fillings are composed of about 50 percent mercury, many dentists have chosen to move away from them. While studies that have been conducted can tend to show conflicting findings, there is no doubt about the effect mercury has on your body. A recent study done by the University of Washington found that the low-level release of toxins from mercury in an amalgam filling contributes to the development of long-term brain damage. When you have an amalgam filling, every time you do something as routine as chewing, a minute amount of mercury is being released into your bloodstream. It is this low-level release that concerns so many dentists around the world. If you are a gum chewer, the amount of mercury released is even worse. In addition, any sudden change of temperature in your mouth, such as would occur when drinking hot or cold beverages, will also cause mercury to be released. There is no room for compromise when it comes to your health, and this is why dentists such as Dr. Carlos are set on providing only metal-free restorations and fillings.

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The Other Disadvantages of Metal Fillings

Even when you put the patient’s health entirely to the side, there are so many other reasons dentists have shifted away from amalgam fillings in recent years. Some of these reasons include:

  • Silver fillings do not look natural or match the color of your teeth, making them incredibly visible when you open your mouth.
  • Larger portions of the healthy tooth must be removed to make a space large enough for the metal filling.
  • Over time, metal fillings can cause the surrounding tooth structure to take on a grayish hue.
  • About 1 percent of people face an allergic reaction to the mercury in an amalgam filling.
  • Metal fillings are sensitive to temperature change. They will expand and contract when in contact with hot or cold food and drink. This will cause your tooth to weaken more over time.

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