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A Look at the Movement Away from Metal Restorations towards Non-Metal Fillings

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A Look at the Movement Away from Metal Restorations towards Non-Metal Fillings

Learn About Cavity Filling Treatment Near Me In Scottsdale Arizona Area

Dentists worldwide have continued to move away from amalgam fillings and move toward metal-free restorations. For fillings, composite resin has become the most popular option. At AZ Dental Wellness, Dr. Rogel Carlos and his friendly team are proud to be metal-free and provide top-quality dental services to patients in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Let us take a brief look into why dentists worldwide have moved away from metallic restorations. The Danger of Mercury in Dental Restorations Because amalgam fillings are composed of about 50 percent mercury, many dentists have chosen to move away from them. While studies that have been … Continue reading

Is Cavity Filling in Scottdale, Arizona Worth it? 

Learn About Cavity Filling Treatment Scottsdale Arizona

Have you recently visited your dentist, and they have recommended a metal-free filling? Everyone would be pleased to see a cavity disappear from their dental setup. For many decades, dentists have employed metal fillings referred to as amalgam (silver fillings). However, many people have begun looking for alternatives because they are concerned with their health and the mercury composition found in metal fillings propagating allergies.  Whether you are looking to get your cavity fixed in Scottsdale, Arizona, or you are yearning to replace your metal fillings at AZ Dental Wellness of Scottsdale. You can learn from the guidance of Drs. … Continue reading

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