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Scottsdale dentist explains the benefits of ClearCorrect invisible braces

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At AZ Dental Wellness of Scottsdale, we believe that all our patients should benefit from a beautiful, straight smile.

Having straight teeth means a beautiful smile that is easier to keep clean and less prone to dental issues. At AZ Dental Wellness of Scottsdale, we believe that all our patients should benefit from a beautiful, straight smile. We understand that many patients avoid orthodontic treatment because they don’t want to spend years in unsightly metal braces. For these patients, we have a solution. ClearCorrect is a discreet alternative to traditional braces that straightens your teeth with clear aligners instead of brackets and wires. With ClearCorrect, you can undergo orthodontic treatment without a major impact on your appearance.

What is ClearCorrect?

 ClearCorrect is a type of orthodontic treatment that is designed for patients with mild to moderate misalignment. Instead of using brackets and wires like traditional braces, ClearCorrect uses a series of aligner trays that are made from clear, comfortable plastic. The trays are designed to gently and gradually shift teeth into their ideal positions.

ClearCorrect aligners are perfectly fitted to your teeth. Because of this, the trays are barely visible in the smile, making your orthodontic treatment virtually unnoticeable.

The ClearCorrect Process

 Like traditional braces, ClearCorrect aligners move teeth into a more ideal position, alleviating gaps, overcrowding, and many bite issues. Where they differ, is in how they do this.

Traditional braces utilize metal brackets and wires. The brackets are attached to the teeth and wires are placed over the brackets to put pressure on the teeth and move them into the right position. O-rings hold the wire to the brackets and are changed out during periodic tightening appointments.

Call Us: (480) 747-1352
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ClearCorrect uses clear aligner trays that are worn approximately 20-22 hours each day. During the consultation process, these trays are designed based on the current position of your teeth and the final goal.

First, the dentist will take impressions and images of the teeth, so the treatment plan can be designed digitally. ClearCorrect has specialized software that will create 3-D images of the teeth and map out expected movement throughout treatment. During this process, patients can get a sneak peek into what their smile will look like at the end of treatment.

All the information that is collected is sent off to a ClearCorrect laboratory for custom fabrication of the aligner trays. Once the trays are ready, you will come into the office and receive the aligners along with instructions for wearing them.

Trays are swapped out every few weeks as teeth get closer and closer to ideal alignment. ClearCorrect treatment is so subtle that many people won’t even know that you are undergoing treatment.

Advantages of ClearCorrect 

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  • Discreet – The plastic trays are discreet and a fantastic option for patients who are image-conscious. If you frequently have to speak in front of people or have a high-profile position, you may want to consider ClearCorrect.
  • Removable – With traditional braces, the brackets and wires are a permanent part of the mouth until treatment is over. This is not the case with ClearCorrect. Because the trays are removable, you can continue to enjoy all your favorite foods. Removing the trays also makes cleaning the teeth easier, avoiding post-treatment decay.
  • Comfortable – The aligner trays are made from smooth plastic that will not irritate the cheeks.
  • Convenient – ClearCorrect treatment requires fewer follow up visits to the dentist. Instead of having to come into the office for adjustment appointments, you will be given instructions for swapping out the trays yourself. We will see you in the office about every six weeks for progress checks.
  • Fast – ClearCorrect treatment is often completed in much less time than traditional braces. When the trays are worn as directed, ClearCorrect only takes an average of 12 months.

 Candidates for ClearCorrect

 Most patients with minor issues are good candidates for ClearCorrect. If you are wondering if this treatment is right for you, we invite you to make a consultation appointment. During this visit, we can determine if ClearCorrect is the solution for you.

A straighter, healthier smile is only a phone call away. If you are in Scottsdale, AZ and would like more information on ClearCorrect treatment, call AZ Dental Wellness today at (480) 747-1352.


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