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What to Expect After Receiving a Dental Implant and How You Know It May Be Failing

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What to Expect After Receiving a Dental Implant and How You Know It May Be Failing

Dental Implant Surgery Near Me In Scottsdale AZ

When you decide to get dental implants to fill in your incomplete smile, you understand that it is an involved and surgically invasive process that will require some recovery time. But what exactly can you expect from this recovery, and what symptoms should you be aware of if a dental implant fails due to rejection by your body? Patients in the Scottsdale, Arizona area who get dental implants at AZ Dental Wellness trust the advice and recovery instructions provided by Dr. Rogel Carlos. Dr. Carlos provides each patient with straightforward, easy-to-understand recovery instructions and is available for any questions following … Continue reading

Dentist in Scottsdale Talking About the Wonderful Benefits Offered by Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants at AZ Dental Wellness Near Me Scottsdale Area

When teeth are lost, you may not only feel self-conscious about your smile’s appearance, but you will also face issues with how your mouth now functions. Missing teeth can cause trouble with the proper chewing of food and can also cause speech issues. Would it not be amazing if you could just grow teeth back? Unfortunately, reality is quite different. If you are missing teeth and seeking an available dental option for replacement, you should investigate full mouth dental implants. Patients with missing teeth in the Scottsdale, AZ area have been going into AZ Dental Wellness of Scottsdale to see … Continue reading

Where Can I Find a Dentist, Who Specializes in Dental Implants near Scottsdale, AZ?

Where Can I Find a Dentist, Who Specializes in Dental Implants near Scottsdale, AZ Area?

Dr. Rogel Carlos is a board-certified dentist operating in Scottsdale, AZ. He has years of experience placing dental implants for patients with a variety of symptoms. If you’re missing a tooth or if you need to have one removed, Dr. Carlos can talk you through the benefits of getting a dental implant. Together you’ll decide if this treatment is right for you or if you’d like to explore other options. What are the benefits of dental implants? Dental implants are considered the strongest, most durable restoration available. They are anchored to your jawbone, giving them power and reliability comparable to … Continue reading

Scottsdale, AZ dentist describes the dental implant procedure to replace a missing tooth

Tooth Implant Procedure at AZ Dental Wellness in Scottsdale AZ Area

Implants are used on various parts of the body to replace missing or defective areas of bone. Additionally, implants are used in dentistry as well. Tooth implants, or “dental implants,” are implants used for replacing missing teeth. Scottsdale, AZ area patients who are considering tooth replacement options may want to ask Drs. Rogel Carlos and Marissa Mandap about the benefits of dental implants and determine if they are proper candidates. Understanding how dental implants work Dental implants are restorations that require an oral surgery procedure during which the dentist places the implant into the bone of the jaw. In doing … Continue reading

Dental implants restore missing teeth for Scottsdale, AZ patients

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in Scottsdale AZ area

Millions of people are affected by tooth loss and require a dental restoration. In the past, the most popular solution was a bridge or denture. For many people, traditional removable dentures can be bothersome. They sit on top of the gums and are held in place with either suction or denture adhesive, therefore, they feel unnatural. Now, many patients are opting for dental implants, as they restore functionality through the entire tooth structure down to the root. At AZ Dental Wellness, our team is experienced in the placement of dental implants. If you are missing teeth, call us today at … Continue reading

Patients in Scottsdale, AZ discover the purpose of dental implants

healthy smile, AZ Dental Wellness

The parts of the mouth are designed to work together as a unit creating a healthy smile. Losing a tooth disrupts the natural balance. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. This restores the balance keeping the mouth healthy. Located in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Rogel Carlos and the team at AZ Dental Wellness offer dental implants as permanent replacement options. The purpose of dental implants The loss of even a single tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift. Your bite changes, altering the way you eat and speak. The bone is affected and may begin to deteriorate without … Continue reading

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